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Hello! I'mDavid Bisset

I'm a freelance developer living in South Florida. I do WordPress/BuddyPress/PHP work, and specialize in BuddyPress. I'm also a speaker, conference organizer, and father of three.

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  • WordPress

    Customizing and building unique WordPress themes and plugins since WordPress 1.5 (that’s 2005).

  • BuddyPress

    I have an obsession in creating cutting edge BuddyPress sites and applications since BuddyPress 0.1.

  • Frontend Development

    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Responsive Design. Can’t decide between SASS and LESS.

    Frontend Development

About Me

Location: South Florida
Marriage Status: Happy
Children: Three


I’ve had to wear a number of hats in recent years… Application Developer, Front End Developer, Backend Programmer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of web sites, startups and projects.

I’m particularly interested and focused on startup projects and anything WordPress/BuddyPress related (which at this time is majority of my work). Of course, i’m always interested in building cutting edge interactive applications, especially if they use WordPress. I love to push WordPress and BuddyPress to the limit. I prefer to code with CodeIgnitor for stand-alone PHP applications.

Spoken at past WordCamps, conferences, meetups, BarCamps, and Refresh events. I don’t speak often, but try to at least speak a few times a year.

Privileged to be a founding member of WordCamp Miami and have organized WordCamp Miami 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.


Much of my work is done through agencies, not necessarily directly with the client.
Client controlled sites might not be the way that i left them.

Note: With my site revised in April 2013, i'm putting up portfolio items slowly. Ping me if you want to see a bigger list.


This site was built as a proof of concept (or

School For Startups

This members-only community was built with BuddyPress. I came in


A social community powered by BuddyPress which allows parent and


Bella Sante is one of the most recognizable spa brands


An example of a simple, but clean site done in


Pinblu is a highly customized BuddyPress ecommerce site. Not only

Breezes Resorts

One of the biggest resort  companies in the Caribbean, the Breezes


A BuddyPress powered site that incorporates Bing Maps to visually


Liquilink is an upcoming social community devoted to the plumbing,


A highly customized and unique WordPress theme (and an additional

Andy Roddick

Customized WordPress theme for former No. 1 US tennis player

Citizen Watch

The Citizen Watch website involved actually two websites: a WordPress


I'm horrible at blogging on a regular basis. If you want to hear from me often, best to follow me on Twitter.

24Sep 2013


Category: Blog, WordCamps

Speaker Slide Showdown?

David Bisset

Blog, WordCamps

So last week there was a discussion on Twitter regarding speaker’s submitting slides for review before that speaker gives a presentation at the WordCamp. I just wanted to touch on this and give my thoughts and feedback, and what WordCamp Miami’s past policies have been. Why Review Slides At All? Why would a
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14Sep 2013

WPArmchair Inspired “Taggregator” Now Being Tested On WordCamp Sites

WPArmchair Inspired “Taggregator” Now Being Tested On WordCamp Sites

Blog, WordCamps

This is cool… starting today with WordCamps Buffalo and Albuquerque a plugin called “Taggregator” is more...

1Sep 2013

WordCamp Miami 2013 Feedback

WordCamp Miami 2013 Feedback

Blog, WordCamps

Although WordCamp Miami happened in early April, the feedback forms weren’t sent until almost more...

Contact Me

If you are contacting me to request a quote, here are tips to ensure that I might be a good fit and respond to your request: (1) My minimum project budget is $2K USD; Small projects are billed hourly, but i rarely do this work these days (2) The more information and details, the better i’ll be able to give feedback and an official quote; (3) I do not sign non-competes; (4) I get so many requests, it’s impossible for me to have calls or in-depth emails with everyone – for promising projects i’m happy to provide a brief complementary time for a phone or Skype call.


If i cannot help you, i’ll try to refer you to another available developer or other locations where you can locate a developer.


  • The more details, the better.

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